A Little About Garment Weights

There isn’t just one tee that fits everyone’s needs or preferences. Some people (like me) prefer a heavier fitting cotton tee vs a thinner material. What kind of tees do you prefer? To help you filter though all of the tee options out there and help narrow down tees that fit your style, try comparing garment weights.

Garment weight is measured in ounces per square yard. Tees traditionally considered “heavyweight” tees will fall into the 5.5+oz category. This would be your Gildan Ultra Cottons, Hanes Beefy Tees, Comfort Colors etc. Midweights such as Next Level, Bella+Canvas, & more typically fall between 4-5oz. If you’re looking for a super thin, very breathable garment you will find lightweight fabrics with a sub 4oz garment weight.

This tiny bit of knowledge will help when trudging though catalogs of garments. Simply narrowing down your search by garment weight will eliminate a ton of garments that don’t meet your needs and help make your garment choice just a bit easier.

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