The Sharpest Tool In The Box: Your Logo

Often overlooked and shoved to the bottom of the priority list when starting or building a business, your logo is actually one of the most important assets that you should invest in very early on.

Think of the companies that dominate the top tiers of your industry, you can probably sketch out their logos just from memory. That’s because those companies know the importance of branding and how important and valuable establishing a strong set of branding guidelines can be.

Establishing who you are and what your company represents is critical to becoming a competitive force in your market

A great logo is very scalable and can grow with you from humble beginnings to becoming a Fortune 500 company. Establishing who you are and what your company represents is critical to becoming a competitive force in your market. Having a logo and branding to boot is equally important. Your branding should be a reflection of you and what your company represents, you want to be the first thing that comes to mind for potential clients.

A solid set of branding guidelines should include:

  • Your Company logo
  • Logo colors (Pantone)
  • Typography/ Fonts
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Any additional branding elements

A final note, just from a printers perspective…simple logos with fewer colors can save hundreds or thousands of dollars down in the line in print costs. Consider how your logo will be used before having your neighbor sketch out some sick looking work of art for your logo. How will it look on business cards? Vehicle wraps? Will it embroider well? Screen printers all charge by the number of colors in your logo a 5 color logo will cost more to print than a 2 color logo.

To sum it all up, don’t spend your time and effort building a company, business, or organization without a set of branding principles to back it up. That would be like trying to build a house without a foundation. Before you invest your first dollar in equipment or assets, spend the money and get a proper set of brand guidelines created. If you’ve already started or been going for years without a brand, double back and get your brand established.

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