Biggest Misconception About Screen Print Shops

We do not keep customer’s screens. There it is. I said it. Regardless of the size of the job or the client, screen print shops do not keep customer’s screens. There are rare exceptional cases to this where maybe a job isn’t complete and more garments are going to arrive and screens will be kept for a short period of time. Even shops that charge “setup” or “screen” fees do not keep customer’s screens. The reality is that we would need a 2000sf warehouse just to house screens if we were to keep them. What we hold onto instead is digital artwork files and print specs. We use these for reorders. Screens are put through a reclaim process and reused for other jobs. Screens can last hundreds of jobs before they eventually lose tension and have to be retired.


Are you ready to start a brand?

No doubt any professional screen print, embroidery, or other apparel decorating company in the US has it’s fair share of customers looking to start their own brand. While there is no exact recipe for success, we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that are common amongst successful brand startups. Of course there’s gonna be those few people that say they have none of these and are still successful, however, those are the exceptions.

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Establishing A Relationship With Your Screen Printer

The first time you order custom shirts it can seem like an overwhelming experience. Find a printer that matches your style, personality, and can deliver what you expect can be a challenge. When you find that person or company, building a relationship is so important and makes subsequent orders smooth sailing. We’ve put together a quick list of things to look for in a printer, as well as a list of things that printers look for when seeking out potential business clients.

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Need Custom Shirts, but don’t know where to start?

Today there are tons of places both online & local to purchase custom t-shirts. Knowing where to start can be both confusing and stressful. To get started, it’s always best to do some research on the companies that you are looking at. Reading reviews from other customers is a good place to start. Check your local community Facebook pages, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. We’ve put together a list of a few things to look for.

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